Meridian Display does more than produce effective displays. We are your business partner. We expedite your product to market with the following services:

  • Display Assembly
  • Packing-Out Displays
  • Labeling For Distribution

fulfillment Our experience is as diverse as our customer base. We have packed-out and shipped small countertop displays with numerous small components such as the Hydroment grout display, and displays as large as the Carter’s pallet display with 54 different SKU’s being pulled to complete each display. We have also placed metal lawn tractor bumpers into corrugated packaging along with screws and instruction sheets. Some of our customers request us to assemble and ship software based training programs that require disks, instructions and training materials be inserted into high-gloss, multi-compartment packaging.

Give us a shot at your project! Call us at 800-786-2501 to discuss the details.

fulfillment   fulfillment

Our fulfillment center is self-contained, follows security procedures, and is monitored by security cameras. Our fulfillment staff is full-time and dedicated only to fulfillment.