Conceal Carry Project

Meridian Display was asked to design a pallet display to send purses, belts and wallets into Sports Academy.  The display was to hold 66 products and be shipped to two distribution centers.

We conceptualized a display to showcase the belts, wallets and purses.  We produced 100 displays.

Our fulfillment center completed the project by:

  • Assembling the displays. 
  • Preparing the product by removing it from plastic bags and snipping off a plastic belt hanging tab.
  • Packing out the displays with 30 Purses, in five styles, one with two colors
  • 12 Wallets in two styles
  • 24 Belts in two styles and four sizes
  • Added fillers to keep the product from shifting in transit.
  • Placing each display into an individual shipper.
  • Labeling it for a distribution on center.